London period properties are full of sash windows and they’re getting to the age now where they need entirely repairing. Sash window repair is entirely normal & totally expected, especially of windows that are South facing and have been taking a weather beating for over 100 years. sash window repair primarily constitutes the replacement of sash cords, replacement of sash window sills, replacement of sash Styles, and generally fixing of any smaller issues on sash windows.

Sash window cord replacement.

Sash window cord replacement is where you replace the ropes on a sash window. Over time these ropes begin to fray and can even snap. This is bad news because it means that if when a window is opened, the sash falls, this can actually result in the glass breaking as well. You really want to avoid that if at all possible and replacing the sash cords is exactly how to get this solved. Replacing sash cords is actually quite an easy process:

The first step is to remove the staff bead that holds the lower sash in place. With the lowest accessible you can now cut the cord if they’re still in situ and remove that lower sash.

This provides you access to the Parting bead and this is just simply prized out of the frame with a chisel and a hammer. Be careful not to break the timber if at all possible because this can be reused. With the Parting bead removed you can then simply pull the top search down and then cut the cords to remove the top such as well.

Sash window cord replacement

Sash window cord replacement – credit :

With all the sashes out you can an open up the pocket and grab at the weight too now. The cord needs to be threaded through each one of the pulleys and then the weight is attached to the new sash cord. This is quite intricate process and you require a special tool called a mouse that allows you to thread cord through around the pulleys into the frame.

With all the new sash cords in place it’s a simple case of rehanging the top sash onto the cord. You then put the Parting bead back that you hopefully didn’t break. You then simply attach the lower sash to the lower sash cords and then replace the staff feedback in situ.

That’s how you simply replace the Sash cords. It’s one of the most effective sash window repairs in London.

Sash window sill replacement.

London Properties already suffering from sash window sills being rotten. In fact, some sashes are actually on their third or fourth sill. If they are South facing then they really do take a beating and the replacement section of sill is pretty common. Replacing a sash window sill in London is actually a really easy process and I’m about to go for each stage:

The first stage is to remove the old sash window sill. This is done by cutting out both sides of the sill with a hand saw. You simply cut the sill and then lift out. Be careful however because sometimes underneath the sill is connected by large nails and this can do damage to the plaster work underneath when levering out. You really want to try to avoid that.

With us or removed you simply cut a new section to length and drop it in. It’s then screwed by then this holds the sill firmly and place. Simply then get a bit of two part filler and make the sill good.

Sash window repair: Draught proofing sash windows.

Last but not least one other form of sash window repair that’s pretty common is draught proofing the old Windows. As sash windows get older and get painted they become stuck or end up with larger gaps. This results in huge draughts running through your home which is extremely uncomfortable. A draught proofing system helps to close these gaps and make things far more comfortable. You’ll almost instantly notice the difference in ambient temperature of your house once you’ve had a draught proofing system installed. The draught proofing systems often combined with new sash cords is considering overhaul too.