There are literally millions of single glazed sash windows in London and they all share the same inherent problem. The single glazing is extremely inefficient, insecure, and it’s costing homeowners literally millions of pounds across London in heating bills. One of the best solutions available is and it’s costing homeowners literally millions of pounds across London in heating bills. One of the best solutions available is double-glazed like for like sash windows that are basically exactly the same in look as single glazed but with all of the benefits of modern technology.

Double glazed

Double glazed

Double glazed sash windows don’t have to be all that expensive either, you could actually get a complete double glazed sash window with tops fixed, and lower functioning anywhere from £750. If you consider that a single glazed sash windows losing at least £25 per year in heat through the glass alone this is a considerable saving over a period of time. If you can combine double glazed sashes with a draught proofing system you’ve got an incredibly a thermally efficient window.

draught proofing windows

draught proofing windows

But I like my single glazed sash windows

One of the biggest problems a letting go single glazed sash windows is the favour of a looks simply stunning. Because they’ve got such a Slender lines and single glazing can afford such tight margins which allow Beautiful Life spaces, it’s often difficult to let go of these beautiful Windows. As other previously mentioned no you can have almost double glazed like-for-like sashes and you’ll lose literally less than 3 to 4% of the overall light in your property. That’s because single glazed sashes have a 44mm profile but double glazed sashes have a 53mm profile. Across 1 metre in width at a very nominal loss of light. When you factor that these double glazed sash windows are incredibly secure compared to single glazed, and they also really do make the house far more safe for your children, the benefits of starting to way up.

Double glazed sash windows can look stunning.

Don’t forget the new sash’s can look at YouTube. If you think that the double glazed sash only has a 53 mm profile it’s actually very similar to a single glazed sash and you can actually keep all of the original lines. That means that because the new sash is going to come factory finished it could actually end up looking better than single glazed original sash that might be tired from over painting, and cracked paint. You might also have small patches of rot and there may be other blemishes. Bare in mind that these original sash is over 100 years old there going to be far from perfect.

The other beautiful thing about double glazed sash windows as they make a lovely reflection because there are two panes of glass. If you’ve ever looked up for the property and wondered why the glass is reflected that’s because there are two or more panes of glass. Single pane don’t have that reflection and look a little dull. This is especially nice when you have a slightly blue tinted glass, it looks really super cool and modern.

If you think about the fact that London’s heading towards thermally efficient and technologically advanced City, having double glazed sash windows in your original. Property is absolutely fine because most people really want this upgrade now. This can actually increase the value of your home, and also make it far more saleable. Overall double glazed sash windows are a no-brainer if you looking to keep your home more comfortable, looking to upgrade the safety and perhaps even get a little bit extra value for money from the sale of your property.

original box frame

There’s an additional benefit of double glazed sash windows and that’s that they can normally fitted into the original box frame which means that is not going to be a huge amount of making good on your property. This is especially handy if you’ve already done all of the renovation work in your property. Reuse existing frame obviously saves considerable amount of money to, and usually cut the bill in half. That’s where you can get a new pair of dashes from his little £750, if you have entire replacement windows this could be £2500 which is extremely expensive and perhaps the value for money isn’t there. So definitely make sure they’re taking advantage of using the original box frame wherever possible. It’s definitely worth calling out of London sash window company they will be able to help you with this upgrade anytime you like.