Draught proofing sash windows in London can save you a lot of money but there are also a load of other benefits and in this article we are going to go through all the main ones that make having a sash windows draught proofing system absolutely worthwhile. So without wasting any time is get straight into the article with the first one:

Save money with sash window draught proofing

The most obvious benefits of sash window draught proofing in London is the fact that you’re safe consider amount of money on your heating bill. It’s well known that the energy savings Trust have documented to each window draught proofed will save you at least £25 on your energy bill throughout a year. If you consider that draught proofing system can cost as little as £250 this means that you’ll actually get Direct payback from draught proofing system. This is quite amazing because it’s not often that energy products will pay back like this in just such a short period of time.

Improve the ambience of your London property

Sash window draught proofing in London will considerably improve the ambiance of your property. By having draught proofing system you can actually stop a lot of the gaps which caused all of the noise ingress as well as those icy cold draught in the winter. By closing up those gaps you can actually got the decibels considerably and of course this will make the ambiance of your lounge and bedrooms that much more comfortable. It’s often reported that draught proofing system will make it feel as if the noise from outside is considerably duller than before.

Overhaul whilst draught proofing

Most sash window companies install draught proofing and to do so they actually have to remove the sashes which means that it’s pretty typical to overhaul the window at the same time. This means the killing two birds with one stone having new sash cords and parting beads and staff beads installed. This is really good news if you’ve got older broken cords. It means that you really will save money overall.

Draught proofing

Draught proofing – credit : londonsashwindows.com

A great opportunity to make the sash windows work nicely.

When your sash windows draught proofing they removed it’s also a great opportunity to give the frame a scrape down and shoot the sashes Inn and plaine them so that they can travel smoothly. Having sash windows to work and open fully means that you can easily access all of the frame which is great for cleaning and painting whenever required this makes maintenance easier and therefore they all stand better condition for more time to come.

If you needed to upgrade the security this is the time.

If you get large sash window companies in to do draught proofing system that also be able to upgrade the security at the same time. If you consider that calling up and locksmith would cost you at least 50 to £60 per window for catches then having a draught proofing system will make having the locks installed are much cheaper because of economies of scale. So definitely take advantage of a draught proofing system if you need any additional security.

Keyed Sash Lock

Keyed Sash Lock

Overall it’s a great idea to have a sash window draught proofing system in London because it’s just going to generally make your home for more comfortable as well as helping it stay heated. Customers have had draught proofing is installed will always suggest that the temperature will remain in the property for longer after a draught proofing system is actually in place. So don’t delay and hurry up and get yourself a draught proofing system so you can start saving money too as well as made the home for more comfortable for your family to live in.